1. There is a maximum team size of 4 people.
  2. Teams should be made up exclusively of students who are not organizers, volunteers, judges, sponsors, or in any other privileged position at the event.
  3. All team members should be present at the event.
  4. Teams can of course gain advice and support from organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and others.
  5. All work on a project should be done at the hackathon.
  6. Teams can use an idea they had before the event.
  7. Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects. Working on a project before the event and open-sourcing it for the sole purpose of using the code during the event is against the spirit of the rules and is not allowed.
  8. Projects that violate the Code of Conduct are not allowed.
  9. Teams can be disqualified from the competition at the organizers' discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking the Competition Rules, breaking the Code of Conduct, or other unsporting behaviour.

It is expected that all hacks were wholly created on the day of the hackathon. Open source resources are permitted for use, but plaigarism, starting your hack before December 11, and reusing a hack is strictly prohibited. 

As always, when you are at FraserHacks, please adhere to our code of conduct